Cooling Off


IE – Inner City Splash Party

Inner City Splash Party is on sale at Ebento . It comes with 8 single poses and 4 group poses (sits up to 4) with a mesh hydrant complete with particles. The item will be on sale for $300L from the 10th to the 1st of the month.

Don’t forget to check this out and the other awesome things the In inworld store
: Image Essentials

Visit this location at Mopire City in Second Life

Author: Taslin's Eyes

Been in Second Life for about 7 years now not all on this AVI. Been through a lot changes, ups and down even some sideways. I love to see what the incredible builder and designer come up with. I think that is what has substained me seeing what you all can come up with next. I am a bit of shopaholic so decide to share with you some of the fashions, events, and wonderful sims that I come across.

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